About us

PH2 Square LLC is committed to designing, developing and building dwellings based on universal design principles to create thoughtful home environments for families with young children, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and multi-generational families living under one roof. The company is currently designing and building two pilot projects intended to test the company’s design theories. If our theories create the types of living environments we seek, it is our intent to replicate these interior designs throughout the city of Chicago. PH2 Square also actively seeks multi-unit buildings that are suitable for renovation into universal design buildings.

While the pilot projects are on Chicago’s north side, the company intends for its next projects in 2016 and 2017 to be on the city’s south side. One such south side project is the design and building of “grandparent housing” – housing that is intended for households where a grandparent or great-grandparent is the head of household. The company is also planning a universal design low-income supportive housing project in the West Elsdon neighborhood of Chicago.

Our Projects